Recycle Your Catalytic Converter For Cash

A catalytic converter is worth money. If your converter has gone out and has been replaced, the old converter can be sold for cash because of its scrap value. Catalytic converters contain precious metals that can be extracted for profit. There is some basic information to keep in mind before selling your catalytic converters for scrap.

Contact Converter Guy for the best price online. Prices can fluctuate because of the different types of precious metals inside the converter. These metals are valuable. Platinum, palladium, and rhodium in trace amounts are within a converter. Their function is the clean the air as it passes through the converter. On thing to keep in mind is that the original converter from the factory is worth more money because factories must maintain certain standards concerning the metal content of the converters; however, aftermarket manufacturers do not have to follow the same guidelines.

After your converter is removed, it is important not to disturb the honeycomb as it contains the precious metals. You want the recycler to be able to identify the type of converter so that you will be paid the best price for the old converter. Catalytic converter recycling is important for the positive impact of the environment.  Let Converter Guy  Call  1-802-376-4581 for more information to evaluate the worth of your scrap catalytic converter.